We offer mature and proven software components and applications from our own project practice with which you can solve typical compliance challenges quickly, efficiently and effectively.

The cryptotickets framework offers basic cryptographic components for a variety of applications:

  • Single sign-on between companies and in the cloud.
  • Asymmetric, cryptographic pseudonymization of personal data.
  • Contactless deletion of data in the cloud.
  • Protection through encryption of critical company data and references.
  • Cryptographic time stamp services for audit-proof information processing.

ExpertiseBase is an application software that supports external and internal auditors, legal departments, experts and other knowledge-based service providers in their central activities:

  • Definition and documentation of audit standards.
  • Execution of audits on the basis of the modelled standards.
  • Quality assurance of audits.
  • Test reports and expert opinions are created semi-automatically.
  • Perpetuation of expert knowledge and audit know-how.

Both products are available as free demo versions. Please contact us for a evaluation copy or download the test version of the Cryptotickets framework directly.